We develop customized training to improve the communication skills of your organization.

Would you like to apply the ABCDE Communication Model to your business or non-profit?  Would you like to be able to (along with your team) write strategic communication briefs to help ensure more successful marketing campaigns, new product launches and other communication efforts?
If you said “yes” to any of the above, you should talk to us about creating a custom seminar for your organization.  This one-day training session held at your offices and will be focused on enabling members of your team to write a well-crafted communication brief used to work with internal teams and outside agencies.
We will go deep on explaining how the ABCDE Communication Model works and how you can apply to your organization. We’ll be sure to include plenty of “real world” examples so they can see how this works with other organizations and businesses.  We will also have them work on their own “case study” on something they are involve with right now so this learning becomes practical and timely.
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